Breast Surgery Costs

Breast Surgery Costs

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2003 the average cost of breast reduction surgery was $5351, the average breast augmentation cost was $3360 and the average breast lift cost was $3965. Given increased technology and improved implant material, breast implant prices now average between $5000 and $8000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

When considering breast implant cost, as in the case of breast reduction cost, breast augmentation surgery cost and breast lift surgery cost, one must account for the cost of ensuing health appointments, non-surgical treatments, and reconstructive breast surgery or breast implant removal further on. Breast implants indeed have a shelf life of seven to ten years. Some breast surgery procedures, such as a breast reduction, require future breast reduction corrections, incurring an additional unexpected cost.

Typically, health insurance companies do not cover the cost of breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation surgery unless the breast implant surgery was performed as post-mastectomy reconstruction. In fact, the 1998 Women's Health and Cancer Act obligates insurance companies who cover mastectomy surgery to also cover the cost of reconstructive breast implant surgery.

For patients who are not covered by health insurance, affordable breast augmentation surgery can be had through payment plans or financial loans.

Contact your plastic surgeon to find out about breast surgery fees and possible modes of payment.

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