Post Operative Expectations

Post Operative Expectations

Before undergoing breast surgery, it is important to consider breast plastic surgery before / after. In this section we will be discussing what to expect post breast augmentation surgery and post breast reduction surgery. As with any plastic surgery procedure, the more educated you are, the less anxiety will surround the breast enlargement cosmetic surgery procedure or breast reduction procedure.

After breast enlargement plastic surgery (the surgical insertion of breast implants), expect the breast implants to take several weeks or months to fully settle into the surrounding muscle and skin. Breasts that seem high, hard or asymmetrical after breast surgery may need some time to settle into normal appearance.

To alleviate swelling after breast enhancement plastic surgery, physicians recommend Arnica Montana--a pill supplement that can be purchased over the counter. Normal bruising post breast augmentation surgery or post breast reduction surgery should subside within 10 days. If bruising persists, contact your breast plastic surgeon. Nipple numbness or, conversely, nipple over-sensitivity is very common after breast surgery and ceases. In fact, only a small number of patients experience chronic loss of feeling.

Pain is also common post breast augmentation surgery. Take the prescribed medication. The pain will soon lessen as the muscles begin to accommodate the new breasts implants. More annoying than painful, itchiness sometimes occurs around the breasts but typically resolves itself.

To treat scarring after breast surgery, follow the advice of your cosmetic surgeon--he or she may suggest the use of Vitamin E. Scarring generally blends into normal skin over time.

If you feel abnormal presence of persistent swelling, heat, redness or drainage, let your breast plastic surgeon know--this may be an indication of infection.

Surgery Costs

Breast Surgery Costs

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2003 the average cost of breast reduction surgery was $5351, the average breast augmentation cost was $3360...

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