Feeling Comfortable with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Feeling Comfortable with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Once you have ascertained that your cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon (namely, breast augmentation plastic surgeon or breast reduction plastic surgeon) has adequate credentials, you must establish trust, a high level of comfort and a solid patient/doctor relationship. A patient's sense of security and comfort is a key part of the surgical and convalescent process. In this section of DrBoob.com, we will offer you tips for setting an exceptional cosmetic surgeon apart from a disreputable one.

Firstly, decide whether you feel comfortable with the breast surgeon and his or her personnel--neither entity should cause you to feel uncomfortable, anxious or ignored. A reputable cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly address all of your worries and never hastily bully you into making conclusions. Be mindful of a breast augmentation surgeon or breast implant surgeon that dodges certain questions or outright refuses to respond to your concerns.

Secondly, observe the environment. Both the inner operating rooms and outer offices should be neat and clinically sterile, a good sign that the surgery will be performed with paramount attention to hygiene and the cosmetic surgeon (or particularly breast implant plastic surgeon) will operate fastidiously.

Thirdly, be cautious of a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon that is eager to combine more than one major surgical procedure into one operating stint. While a single operation reduces anesthetic waste and surgical room charges, the combined cosmetic surgery procedure may be traumatic to your physiology and tiresome for the surgical staff.

Surgery Costs

Breast Surgery Costs

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2003 the average cost of breast reduction surgery was $5351, the average breast augmentation cost was $3360...

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